Reading Genesis for All It’s Worth!

16 Mar

N.T. Wright:


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One response to “Reading Genesis for All It’s Worth!

  1. Bruce

    March 16, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    <p>Three thoughts…</p><p>Too short for a real understanding of what in the world he is talking about…. seems non-sequitor.</p><p>If your faith isn’t expressed in your politics… then you are a practical atheist. One can also make the mistake of thinking that there is any Christian nation in the Earth, or that God has a country. That being said, a nation can choose to do either good or evil, and be held accountable before God for it’s choices. </p><p>God did not make the Earth for Himself to dwell in…. nor the "Heavens" that He created in Gen 1. They are for us and other created beings…. The Earth is His footstool, not His home. We are the only place that He actually "inhabits" in all His creation.</p><p>Just my "thoughts"….</p>



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