The Easiest Decision In the World

07 Mar

I am well aware of what the EASIEST DECISION IN THE WORLD for me would be.

Someone recently warned me against giving in and taking the easy road.

I laughed. Out loud. Didn’t mean to. Couldn’t help it.

The EASIEST DECISION IN THE WORLD for me would be to crawl back in the closet… to simply say “mistakes made… therapy successful… not gay anymore!” and then just pretend.

That simple decision would open up doors to churches that have closed their doors to me. It would open up job and ministry opportunities — the kind I would be good at and would be Kingdom-building and would pay better than what I do now.

That simple decision would go a long way to mending broken relationships.

That simple decision would make a lot of people happy.

That simple decision would be the easiest thing to do — everyone loves a redemption story!

It would allow a bunch of people to sigh a big sigh of relief… and smile… and say, see — everything is OK again.

It would be a very easy decision… but one that would kill my soul.

But make no mistake about it… I know what the easy decision would be.  It is tempting every day.  It really is.  It is so easy and would be so clean… I wonder sometimes why I don’t do it.

But I can’t live that way again.  Even though it is harder… even though it is messy… even though I know there are people who will never speak to me again and despise me because of it… it is the decision that most honors Jesus… because it is true and he is truth… and these days, honoring and following Jesus is pretty much all I care about.

And so I make the harder decision.

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One response to “The Easiest Decision In the World

  1. Ben D.

    March 7, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    <p>Thanks Nancy!</p><p>BD</p>



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