The Traditionalist Church

24 Feb

The traditionalist church’s position on homosexuality can generally be summarized this way:

In the traditionalist church, LGBT folks have two choices: (a) successfully pursue sexual orientation change through prayer and therapy; or (b) successfully commit to life-long celibacy.

So here is the question I am interested in discussing (regardless of whether you agree with the traditionalist view point or now): WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE IN PRACTICE?

What should churches do to create a culture that supports life-long celibacy and/or change?

What ministries, mechanisms, and support should exist within the church to support gay men and women who are seeking change or seeking to live celibatly?

What happens if they seek change and it doesn’t happen? What happens if they fail to be perfectly celibate?

How can churches become pro-active dealing with this issue?

It is one thing for a church to say that your only options are change or celibacy, it is another to actually help people achieve those ends. I have heard many churches say that these are the only viable options, but do little to help support that end.


(Tomorrow, we will start a thread about affirming churches.)


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One response to “The Traditionalist Church

  1. Allison

    February 24, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    <p>Wow, this is a really great thread!</p><p>In light of these great responses, I’d like to clarify the opening sentence of my earlier comment, "I think gay Christians should be treated the same way as single straight Christians". By "treated the same way", I do NOT mean "assumed to have the same challenges, strengths, etc.", but rather the church’s community-based acceptance.</p>



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