Core Strength

21 Feb

A little while back, I posted about the problem of compensation and the need to really work on developing spiritual core strength. When I was working with a personal trainer, they kept harping on the importance of core strength. The same is true spiritually.

So what does SPIRITUAL CORE STRENGTH look like? And how do we develop it?

I think it requires balance and focus.

Often when we start talking about spiritual disciplines and practices, we focus entirely on reading the bible and daily prayer time. Now these are essential, but not sufficient.

I believe that our spiritual core strength is really developed by a balanced focus on the five core purposes that God created us to live out: WORSHIP (loving God with heart, soul, mind and strength), FELLOWSHIP (being part of God’s family), DISCIPLESHIP (becoming more like Jesus), MINISTRY (serving the needs of those in my spiritual family), and MISSION (sharing God’s love with others and serving the needs of people beyond my spiritual family).

You need to develop spiritual practices in all five areas — not just one.

So I am curious… which purpose are you strongest in today? How has this changed over the years? Which are you weakest in? What spiritual practices have you developed to help strengthen each of these core areas?

I would love to hear some practical suggestions…

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One response to “Core Strength

  1. Ben D.

    February 21, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    <p>That is exciting Lorynda, about fellowship. I know that is a big step!</p><p>As for meditating on a verse, I think that is great and part of a deep, personal worship life!</p><p>Powerful!</p><p>BD</p>



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