Asking Questions of the Text

12 Feb

[Part #2 in a series looking at the what the Bible says about homosexuality.]

As I look at the 7 biblical references to homosexuality, I am going to follow a basic format that I hope will make the discussion/process both clear and accessible.

I am not planning to write an academic piece nor a comprehensive commentary on the passages in question. Most of my personal study on the texts (including language issues, syntax issues, historical issues) will stay on the “cutting room floor” and never make these posts. Depending on discussion, I may add additional details if necessary.

In each post, I will be doing two things: (1) posing a specific question; and (2) analyzing the particular text in light of that question.

The question I am asking is this:

“Is there anything in the scriptures that explicitly forbids committed, loving, monogamous, covenanted same-sex relationships?” 

Why is this the question I am asking? Because it the question I am hoping to answer for me personally.

When I have a specific question of God, I do five things:

(1) I PRAY and ask my Father to reveal the answer;

(2) I SEEK the heart of Jesus on the issue, as best I can understand and discern;

(3) I STUDY His Word and ask the Holy Spirit to lead me to truth;

(4) I ASK Wise Counselors around me for their wisdom, input and opinions — these are people I know personally and who know me personally — and ideally people I have some community with;

(5) I ENGAGE the broader Universal Church for wisdom and input — via books, papers, church history, etc.

What I will be blogging about specifically here for the next few weeks is the #2 process — looking to God’s Word. As I post, I will do so with five areas each time:

I. Text: What is the text in question (I hope you will go and read it!)

II. Context: What is the relevant context of the passage?

III. Interpretive Issues: What issues/questions need to be noted? Language, grammar, context, etc. I will keep this relevant to the question at hand… there will be plenty more to say about these passages broadly I am sure.

IV. What the text DOES say about homosexuality?

V. What the text DOES NOT say about homosexuality?

That’s it… once I look at all seven passages, I will also look at some other relevant texts (about sexuality and relationships generally) and then I will post my personal conclusions from my personal journey/study.

Monday, I will be posting on Genesis 19.

In the meantime, feel free to post questions about the process itself… I think this is a good method that you can use with almost any issue.

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One response to “Asking Questions of the Text

  1. Nancy

    February 12, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    <p>Ha, ha, I totally agree God meets us in our wierdness if our hearts are open and willing to obey. I have to admit I don’t use logic, I do the "my sheep hear my voice" thing. I am sure God will speak to you through this process and am praying for you. </p><p>Went to reenactment of LIncoln-Douglas debate last night at Ford’s Theatre. Maybe I have gay rights on the brain but the slave rights debate had some eerily similar lines of logic. Douglas’ interpretation of the Declaration of Independence was literal; he said he was mostly concerned with preserving the Union but his racist remarks were shocking to modern ears. Lincoln called for compassion and the highest possible principles underlying the Dec of Indep, he also said some racist stuff but not nearly as bad considering the times they lived in.</p><p>On to the Otto article</p>



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