When Rome Burned

09 Feb

I love church history. It was actually one of my favorite classes in seminary. These days, a lot of people accuse me of being an unrealistic idealist because I truly believe that the Christ working through local churches is the hope of the world. People say I am naive when I expect churches to actually act like churches.  

But I am no idealist or dreamer when it comes to the church. Because I read the bible, and because I study church history, I can’t help but be a REALIST when it comes to the church. And ironically, that is what gives me hope!

Because as bad as it can get — and it can get pretty bad — there has always been a faithful remnant who have pursued God with everything they had… at greater cost than they could imagine… for the simple purpose of loving God and loving others. And I have to tell you, nothing fires me up more these days — ESPECIALLY THESE DAYS — than reminders of the faithful remnant who sacrificed everything to BE THE CHURCH.

Can the church get past institutionalism to become a place of radical grace and healing and hope? I believe it can.  I know it can.  It must.  

And it must become a place where justice is not just spoken about but pursued; where community isn’t a cliche or buzz word but a fleshed-out reality; where life-change is the norm.

Mark Beeson, lead pastor at Granger Community Church, recently did a great teaching from church history… WHEN ROME BURNED.  It is definitely worth your time to watch it. And I would love to hear your thoughts…

The Early Church from Granger Community on Vimeo.

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One response to “When Rome Burned

  1. Bob Jeram

    February 9, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    <p>I, too, have met and spent a short time with Mark. I have great respect for the team that he has assembled at Granger and for the work and ministry that they do in their local community and in the world. Their influence is tremendous and their desire to share commendable. Definitely a first class and world changing organization.</p>



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