Those 7 References

08 Feb

[Part #1 in a series looking at the what the Bible says about homosexuality.]

I have been posting for the past month about the hermeneutical process — that is, how we should read and interpret a particular Biblical text. You can see the summary of the series here. I took the time to outline process knowing that I was going to then spend some personal time studying, meditating on and praying through the Biblical references to homosexuality.  As an evangelical Christian, what the Bible says matters to me and is central in how I live my life (or at least try).  Furthermore, as an evangelical Christian, the proper interpretation and application of the Bible is important to me.

So having worked through a hermeneutical process that I think is both orthodox and faithful, I am ready to look at the relevant texts.

There are 7 references to homosexuality in the Bible and I will be looking at each of them. As we do so, we will also look at other relevant passages to the topic.

Here are the 7 references I will look at:


  1. Genesis 19
  2. Judges 19
  3. Leviticus 18
  4. Leviticus 20
  5. Romans 1
  6. 1 Corinthians 6
  7. 1 Timothy 1


That’s it… 7 references.

I will keep the patten of posting on Mondays and Fridays. I hope you will follow along with my journey, post your comments and questions, challenge some of my conclusions, etc. Also, feel free to post any questions or issues you think I should address in this process.

Just one quick note… I am working through these passages because this is a deeply personal and important issue for me. I honestly don’t know where this study will lead me. You are getting an “open window” into my journey and process. I welcome all input and comments — and you are free to disagree with me along the way — but understand I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, nor am I looking for a debate.  

My posts will also focus primarily on conclusions and implications.  I will try to give as much of the details as I can as to how I got to a conclusion, but I am not looking to write commentaries here.  While I am going to primarily be focused on the texts themselves, I will also be reading some secondary literature (representing multiple viewpoints) as well as some good bible study tools (Greek/Hebrew lexicons, etc).  In most cases I will spare you the technical stuff.

Anyway, thanks for joining me on this journey… each step I surrender to the Holy Spirit.  Let it lead where it may…

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