Why (Some) "Christians" Hate Gays

26 Jan


Why do (some) “Christians” hate gays?

I honestly have no idea and can’t even venture a guess.  It is truly inconceivable to me that a self-proclaimed follower of Jesus would embrace a position so contrary to the basic teachings of Jesus, the Gospels and Bible as a whole.  I simply don’t get these people… I just know that they exist.

In fairness, most Christians (and even Conservative evangelicals) do not hate LGBT’s — they just wish we would all disappear.  Our existence is a complication they would prefer to do without.

If anyone has an explanation for the hatred I would love to hear it… because otherwise I am drawing a complete blank on this one.


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One response to “Why (Some) "Christians" Hate Gays

  1. Kit McDermott

    January 26, 2010 at 2:47 am

    <p>I have discovered over the years that true hatred blooms from anger, fear, trauma or false conclusions concerning a threat, It can be rational in the sense it is a white-hot response to actual experience. Such experience was so violating, humiliating or horrific, it ignited hatred (the desire for equally devastating retribution). It unleashed the sad human capacity for exacting revenge: returning horror for horror and feeling utterly justified because someone was the author of unthinkable pain or loss in the person’s life. The rape, torture and murder of a child comes to mind. It is obscenity to the nth degree. What human-being could do such a thing? Action needs to be taken to make the person pay and somehow right the wrong.right from the start</p><p>Hatred can also be utterly irrational stemming from perceived offense or threat which is seen as having the power to irrevocably harm or steal what is supremely valued. A case is built from untested premises seen as being irrefutable. It becomes a lens through which proof-texts are gathered as sound evidence. Gradually It takes on a life of it’s own without any rational scrutiny. It has power to persuade the vulnerable and naive.</p><p>I think almost all genuine hatred of gays falls into the second category. It is a perceived threat to cherished values or truths and sets in motion a virulent flight into fantasy which quickly becomes its own, air-tight justification. It becomes "real" but not from actually having any substantive interaction with the target group. </p><p>So once you put on and see only through the such a lens, your position is the only true and real way to look at the world no matter what anyone else says.</p><p>My two cents . . ..</p>



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