Creating Culture

24 Jan

Andy Crouch on “creating culture”… a great summary teaching based on his excellent book.


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One response to “Creating Culture

  1. nathan

    January 24, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    <p>For some reason my computer only let me view 3/4 of the video but I’ll give a little feedback anyway.</p><p>This reminds me of the Erwin McManus clip which is an all time favorite for me when it comes to the church and it’s ability to relate (or create) to culture. Ben- you know which one I am discussing but for other readers, McManus basically says "We need to stop being relevant and we need to start leading the way" (link: Check it out!</p><p>Crouch goes through a couple of different "C" words: condemn, criticize, conform, copy, consume- as our reaction to the world around us. We take things from our culture and react to them. Jesus was about the last person who would be waiting to stand in line for normalcy and conformity. He was not the type of person to wait around and then criticize everyone that walked by and didn’t believe him- he went out in his ministry actively pursuing people and living in holiness. He created a culture around him as a revolutionary. Like Crouch said…the various "C" words are applicable in some cases, but they should not be the standard of the Church. </p><p>The church by and large should not be reactionary but should be an action based church. Like he said, it should "cultivate".</p><p>I enjoyed this clip, it really works in the idea that part of our innate ability is innovation and creation and action- which sometimes gets covered up with lame Christian slogans and reactive standards that makes the church look like a no-name brand that can’t come up with it’s own material. It’s like a socially awkward person who can’t relate to anyone else in the room because all they do is copy the people that they are around- and that’s on a good day. Nobody in their right mind wants to be around someone like that.</p><p>Anyway- I like the video. I highly recommend anyone reading this look at the Erwin McManus clip too…awesome.</p>



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