Our Finest Moment

23 Jan

Earlier today, I said that sometimes I wonder if church people even read the Bible they claim to believe. I get frustrated at the way the church, frankly, fails to be that which Jesus calls it to be. Every time the church creates a barrier to people encountering Jesus… every time the church flees from reconciliation… every time church ignores the basic teachings of Jesus… the church fails.

And when I say that the church fails, what I am saying is that we fail.  The church is not something other than us. If you are a follower of Jesus, YOU ARE THE CHURCH.

Despite what some people might think, the church is not primarily an institution or building or organization — it is a living organism, a movement of God’s people, the Body of Christ.  Again, if you are a Christ follower, WHERE YOU ARE, CHURCH IS.

So to say that the church fails is to acknowledge that we fail.

And we fail often.

But sometimes we get it right.  And sometimes we get it so right that it is humbling to watch and to be a a part of.

Today is one of those days — I have never been more proud of the church nor encouraged by the church than I have this week. When I say that I believe the church is hope of the world… when I say I believe in The PEACE Plan… it is because of what you have seen this week.

The crisis in Haiti is a human tragedy beyond understanding. And it may be that this moment of tragedy is actually the church’s FINEST MOMENT.

I can honestly say I have never seen a mobilization of support, relief and aid as substantial or quickly as we have seen this week from churches. Before the U.S. military was there, churches were already on the front lines.  Money and resources started flowing almost instantly. Networks of churches — such as the Willow Creek Association and The PEACE Coalition — started strategizing to leverage resources, do crisis triage, and to start planning multiple stages of relief.  Churches, partnering with parachurch groups like World Vision, World Relief, Compassion International, etc, have worked hard to make sure resources are directed where needed.

Many pastors are on the ground in Haiti, sending actionable reports back to partner churches and ministries creating an even more efficient relief effort. This week there have been multiple conference calls with church leaders, parachurch leaders and relief experts — giving updates, praying, strategizing and planning for long-term rebuilding of Haiti.

When the earthquake struck, there was already an army of Christ-followers on the ground and churches throughout Haiti to help coordinate search and rescue operations, as well as basic relief and care.

This is the church at its finest.  This is the church as it is supposed to be.

This is the church that honors the name of Jesus… and I am proud to be a part of.

Well done church!

For His glory and honor always and alone!

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