Busting Gay Myths & Other Thoughts from Tony Campolo

10 Jan

Obviously I was not able to attend the Gay Christian Conference this year, but it sounds like they had a great line-up.  One of the keynote speakers was Tony Campolo (who happens also to be one of the best preachers I have ever heard).  I was able to follow along a bit through the tweeting of @smithcarljr and a few other people.  It sounds like Campolo gave a message about busting gay myths.

Here are some of the highlights via Twitter:

– Jesus never said “Love the sinner hate the sin.” He said “Love sinner hate YOUR OWN SIN.” – Dr. Campolo

– Dr. Campolo is speaking about what the Gay Community Needs to Do: Fight the Myths

(1) Fight the myth that all gays are pedophiles.

(2) Fight the myth that people are gay because of their parents.

(3) Fight the myth that homosexuality is easily changed.

(4) Fight the myths that anyone choses to be gay.

(5) Fight the myth that evangelical mainstream churches have no gay people.

– Campolo: “the reason most gay people feel the church despises them is because most churches do. The church has a lot to answer for.”

– “GLBT people need role models so that they know they are not an abomination.” – Dr. Campolo

– “Henri Nouwen was gay. That is a fact. Indeed, some of our greatest Christians were & are gay and lesbian.” – Tony Campolo

– “Justice is love translated to social policy.” – Dr. Campolo

–  “Where there is no justice there is no love” – Tony Campolo

– Campolo: “We evangelicals don’t actually read our Bible yet quote it often. Ezekiel records the true sin of Sodom.” (Ezekiel 16:49-50)

– Dr. Campolo is calling the gay community to a time of listening prayer and to return to a love of the church.

– “The church may be a whore, but she is also my mother.” – Tony Campolo (quoting Luther)

– Campolo: “as gay Christians you must move beyond our own needs. ‘Whosoever loses himself for the sake of Christ will find himself.'”

– “We wouldn’t be here if not for the church. We must love the church who showed Jesus. We must live the sermon on the mount.”

– “And when it gets tough, cling to sermon on the mount.” (Too much to type…but go read it. Powerful! I can’t tweet it justice!)

– It is only Friday but Sunday’s coming! Dr. Campolo’s message is a must listen. Awesome awesome awesome!

Sounds like classic, prophetic and right-on Tony Campolo.  I can almost hear his voice through the tweets.


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One response to “Busting Gay Myths & Other Thoughts from Tony Campolo

  1. John Umland

    January 10, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    <p>Hi Rick,<br>FWIW, I read Koine Greek. With assistance, I can read what Paul wrote to the Corinthians in the language he wrote to them. You can buy extremely literal Greek to English translations if you want, NASB and YLT, and not get anything conceptually different. Greek Orthodox readers, who are closest culturally to Paul, don’t read this stuff differently. I belong to a Bible study at work with Chinese and African immigrants who don’t read this stuff differently. If a text can mean anything, does it mean anything? To take a different reading of the church is to claim that the Spirit has been misleading the church until this time. Most who want to claim a new interpretation, claim to have found older interpreters who also share that view but were still considered orthodox. But there aren’t any for this topic.<br>God is good<br>jpu</p>



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