Good News or Bad?

06 Jan

“If three out of four Americans call themselves Christians, we’re all in big trouble – because three out of four Americans don’t live like Christians. Christianity becomes confused when everyone is a Christian but no one is following Christ…

There is little doubt in my mind that the cultural expression of Christianity in America is declining. True, Christianity is losing its “home field advantage” in North America. At the same time, however, some trends tell us we are seeing the growth of a more robust Christian faith and commitment.

The story of American Christianity today, in my view, is that we are seeing the abandonment of nominal Christianity by some but the retention of a robust, authentic Christian faith by many.

— Ed Stetzer

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One response to “Good News or Bad?

  1. Brian S

    January 6, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    <p>Ben – good points – I think a key to a successful, vibrant, and impacting (if that is a word) church is the action taken by the body on top of the word of God. I believe it makes people get excited about the church and the mission when there is a visible manifestation of the word.</p><p>It is an issue I see in my church today – our pastor preaches constantly on reaching the community, loving people, etc but we do a poor job of advertising the works our church does to that end – boys &amp; girls club, mothers day out programs, preschool programs, a vibrant student ministry, etc. People are being reached in our community, but there is not enough excitement about it because the average church goer does not know what is happening. As a result, our efforts are not as strong as they could be. We need to be a church where everyone feels part of a larger mission and sees that mission in action – not just in words from the pulpit.</p>



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