Dear God

05 Jan

Tonight at my men’s small group, one of the guys shared this.  They got it from one of the women’s small groups that the church sponsors as well.  Since most of the guys in the group are married, this really struck home.  When I was pastoring, I was all too aware how how serious an issue porn was for many of the guys in the church — both single and married.  

Dear God,

I am experiencing the heartbreaking reality of learning that my husband is satisfying himself in a mental and physical affair with fantasy… substituting pictures for the warmth of my body and love.

I struggle so hard competing with an illusion to which I can’t possibly compare, with an availability I can’t duplicate, doing things I can’t imagine.  My helpless heart is being left out of his love life.  The presence of the “other” woman has taken residence in his heart.  I want my dwelling place alone to be there.

God, I so want to be the object of his desire.  My heart longs to see the hunger in his smile for my lips, that twinkle in his eye anticipating my touch.  I cry out to feel sexy simply because he delights in me!

Oh Lord, cause my husband to see what you made me to be for him… a precious jewel… without blemish, holding all my desire and all myself for him.  Kindle his desire for your very best!!!

It’s me, Lord.


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One response to “Dear God

  1. Ben D.

    January 5, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    <p>I had an interesting conversation last year with the director of mental health services at a major state university. He said that the instances of porn addiction they were seeing was way up… the #1 addiction they were dealing with.</p><p>What was most interesting about this was that it was a secular university and the issue had nothing to do with religion/sin/etc — in other words, porn and porn addiction is a serious issue… not just for those who consider sin, but for everyone. It is a myth that it has no impact on people. It is insidious and powerful and to say so does not mean you are prudish or have hang ups with sex (as sometimes is assumed by non-religious types) — it is just a matter of wisdom and reality. I also think that porn ultimately demeans sex and sexuality… part of why it is so destructive.</p><p>BD</p>



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