Hermeneutical Discussions

04 Jan

During this new year one of the things I will be doing on this blog is exploring the Biblical issues around homosexuality.  I know that this is  dangerous proposition because most people don’t actually care what the text says — they care far more about their pre-conceived ideas and agendas. It is also dangerous because I am sure I will manage to offend almost all my readers… but that is ok.

I am doing it because it is important to me.  As an evangelical Christian, understanding and living out the scriptures faithfully is central to my faith and life. My goal in these posts is not to convince anyone of anything.  I will not be making an argument, per se.  Instead, I am personally going through this process and am allowing you to peak through the window and see what is going on in my head. I hope you will comment and weigh-in and ask questions along the way… those things tends to clarify my own understanding.  But please know I am not interested in debates or arguments.  We can agree to disagree where necessary — I am cool with that.  But no debates, no arguments, no agendas.

My first plan was to first do a series on hermeneutics (how you interpret scripture) and then apply those principles to the case study of homosexuality.  I was going to post everyday until the series was done.  But I am changing my mind.  I don’t want this blog to become overly academic or technical and good hermeneutics can be both.  I am aware that we have a mixed audience here… some will be really into the in-depth biblical discussion, others not as much.  I also want to leave enough time for discussion to develop in the comments.  So I will be posting on hermeneutics and what the Bible says (and does not say) about homosexuality every Monday & Friday until the series concludes.

We will begin this Friday…



One response to “Hermeneutical Discussions

  1. Joe

    January 4, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    <p>I would agree with Ben, it is not the ?bad fruit? of scripture that is the cause of many of these things but the misuse of scripture. I would also contend that when you use the phrase Sola Scriptura you actually mean solo scriptura. It is those who believe the latter that raise the word to a place of worship over Jesus.<br>It is becoming quite obvious to me that we are going to differ greatly in the coming weeks over hermeneutics. I would also say holding a high view of scripture puts Jesus on the throne. God has revealed himself to us in the word and Word. ?All scripture is God breathed? not just the parts that we agree with or are socially acceptable. If our foundation for doctrine, faith and practice is God?s word and we don?t hold to be trustworthy and faithful than we are going look like a mobile home in the middle of a hurricane as the winds of cultural change and zeitgeist blow around us. Have we started yet ;)</p>



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