But Truth Matters

09 Dec

Despite the fact that I am not interested in getting the “right answers” anymore (read more here), I am seriously committed to seeking, discovering and living by TRUTH.  I believe in TRUTH and I believe that TRUTH matters.

I was a philosophy major in college, and philosophy when done well is really the pursuit of truth.  And in that sense, I am still a philosopher of sorts today… seeking and loving truth.

TRUTH is different than “the right answer”.  The difference, the way I am using the terms, is directional.

So often groups arrive at “the right answer” and then force everything else through that lense.  The pursuit of truth starts at the beginning and lets the evidence speak for itself… following the path wherever it may lead.

Often, in defense of “the right answer” we actually ignore or throw out that which is true.  We actually make our “right answer” more important than truth.  This is pretty dangerous.  And you see this happen all the time — especially with groups that are pushing agendas.  To be honest, on the far left and right, when it comes to “the gay debate”, neither side cares about truth… only about their agenda and their “right answers.”

I think the pursuit of truth for the Christian is tantamount.  And to pursue truth is to pursue Jesus — for He is the TRUTH.  He is the WAY, TRUTH & LIFE!

As a philosophy major, there were five different areas that I studied pretty in-depth as part of a focus on philosophy of religion: Logic, Epistemology, Phenomenology, Linguistics/Hermeneutics and Ethics.

LOGIC: is a very foundational study of truth.

EPISTEMOLOGY: the study of how we know what we know and the exploration of “what is knowable”.

PHENOMENOLOGY: the study of religious experience.

HERMENEUTICS (& LINGUISTICS): the study of words, interpretation and meaning.

ETHICS: the study of “right living” and virtue.

All of these have helped shape my approach to seeking truth — and all are helpful.  I particularly think that epistemology, ethics and hermeneutics are key for Christians to engage in.

Because I am a follower of Jesus, I believe that truth is found in the Bible. 

Let me rephrase that: I believe that everything contained in the Bible is true, but not that all truth is contained in the Bible. The Bible, for example, says nothing about algebra, but algebra is true/truth.

This is why hermeneutics is so important.  How we interpret the Bible is critical to any discussion of Biblical issues.  

So as part of my own journey and seeking of truth, I will be doing two different blog series here starting in 2010.  First, I will be doing a multi-part series on developing (or defining) a faithful Biblical hermeneutic.  I am not looking for a new hermeneutic or post-modern hermeneutic… just a faithful and orthodox one.

And then having laid out a faithful Biblical hermeneutic, I will apply that hermeneutic using homosexuality as a case study.  There are only 7 passages in the entire Bible that talks about homosexuality, so it is actually a pretty easy case study.  So we will look at each of those passages… and as we do so, we will seek truth… and let the chips fall where they may…

All part of the journey…

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One response to “But Truth Matters

  1. Ben

    December 9, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    <p>Hey John</p><p>That was a paper focused on the integration of theology with pastoral care and counseling, not an exegesis paper. I still think it was a good paper (lol) but it was focused on a whole different set if issues… in one sense, it was the ethics of "OK… if that, then so what…"</p><p>Now I am going to go back and do the exegetical process and explore the Bible actually says…</p>



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