People of the Second Chance

04 Dec


Want to know what the Gospel means in real life?  What the good news is?

It is this: In Christ, we are all people of the second chance.

There is no one who doesn’t get a second chance (and even a third and fourth and so on) with Jesus.  Tax collectors and prostitutes. Liars and cheats. Adulterers and pornographers. The self-centered and the self-righteous. The heartless and heart-broken. The abuser, the addict, the self-absorbed and the self-hating.  Sheep-stealers, sheep-eaters and even wolves in sheep clothing.  Prodigals and eldest sons and the demon-haunted.  And even scandalized gay pastors who violated the trust of their congregations and friends.

The Good News is that WE ARE ALL PEOPLE OF THE SECOND CHANCE in Christ.

That is why I am excited about a new ministry and online community that is forming called “People of the Second Chance” (POTSC).  It is being spearheaded by Mike Foster and Jud Wilhite — two great guys who are the real deal.  

For too many Churchians today, grace is a matter of theological necessity and academic intrigue.  It has been sanitized and castrated of its scandal, messiness and power.

But for Christians, grace is the air we breathe.  It is not only what saves us, but it is what sustains and sanctifies us.  Grace allows us to wake in the morning, sleep at night, and make it through the day.  Grace undergirds every relationship, interaction, prayer and lament.  Grace is not an idea, but like a cup of cold water to the desperately thirsty and a balm for the mortally wounded.  And because we live by grace, we live in grace — extending it to others as we have received it.  

So if you are as desperate as I am for grace — and a second chance — I hope you will connect with POTSC.



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