Screw It… I am done!

30 Nov

Screw it!  Seriously!  I am done!

I am tired… worn out… and sick of being beaten up and convicted again and again by other people.

It is not worth it.


I am done living my life for anyone but an Audience of ONE.

I am done caring what other people think.

I am done letting other people define me by my greatest failure when Jesus insists I am one of His — holy, redeemed, chosen, beloved.

I am done living in guilt and shame over that which Jesus has covered.

I am done living as a convict on the run when God has declared me “not guilty”.

I am done trying to earn the forgiveness and grace God has already given me.

I am done being embarrassed or ashamed, for Christ has set me free.

I am done worrying what the Pharisees think.

I am done stewing over what could of… should of… would of…

I am done pretending and hiding and mask-wearing.

I am done… because IT IS FINISHED.

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One response to “Screw It… I am done!

  1. Ben

    November 30, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    <p>Thanks all!</p>



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