What I’m Reading These Days

21 Nov

I tend to have a “book pile” of multiple books that I am reading at any given time.  Currently, here is what is in that pile:

“The Meaning of Sex” by Dennis Hollinger (GCTS President)

“The Blue Parakeet” by Scot McKnight (re-reading)

“A Short Introduction to Hermeneutics” by David Jasper

“A Million Miles in A Thousand Years” by Donald Miller

“The Holy Longing” by Ronald Rolheiser

“Homosexuality and Christian Faith” edited by Walter Wink

“Those 7 References” by John F. Dwyer

“Together In Love: Faith Stories of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Couples” by Roberta Showalter Kreider

“On Food and Cooking: The Science & Lore of the Kitchen” by Harold McGee

“The Complete Meat Cookbook” by Bruce Aidells

“Ad Hoc at Home” by Thomas Keller

“Pure Desire” by Ted Roberts

I am sure you will notice some themes…

What are you reading these days?  What would you recommend?

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One response to “What I’m Reading These Days

  1. Omar Pom

    November 21, 2009 at 2:32 am

    <p>Humbe recommendation:<br>The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene – a powerful bittersweet story of redemption</p>



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