Would I Go Back?

17 Nov

A few people have asked me lately if I would ever go back to the church I left/was kicked out of after all that happened?

The answer is simple: YES.


Because I love the church, I love the people, and I know of no better place to worship and grow in Christ and live life as a follower of Jesus than there.

Not only am I open to it, I pray that someday I will be allowed to worship there again — not be on staff, no leadership, no role… just a worshiper in the pews.

If you are so moved, feel free to pray that prayer with me…

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One response to “Would I Go Back?

  1. Ben

    November 17, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    <p>Thanks Jennifer and Patti…</p><p>For the record, I don’t think the primary issue is reconciliation with Vince. That is happening. It is a process, but we are both being pretty intentional about it. It will take time, but I trust it will happen.</p><p>The broader issue in terms of being allowed to just worship and be in the pews is I think more of a Board and member issue… at least that is my sense of it.</p><p>Anyway, thanks for the prayers… as long as people on both sides keep praying and are committed to following Jesus, I am confident it will happen…</p>



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