01 Oct


One of the problems with sin is that we can’t control the consequences.  It is a myth that there is a 1:1 ratio of sin to consequence-for-sin.  The truth is that sin causes a horrific ripple effect that no one can control.  That is why it is so destructive and why it is so serious and why my personal sin doesn’t just hurt me.

In my case, the ripple effect is pretty obvious.

Not only have I hurt myself, I have hurt friendships and lost relationships.

I have also hurt the church and its mission.  I have caused people to doubt their trust in leadership and the church.  I have done damage to people’s hearts and walks with Christ.  My sin has caused strife and anger and distrust to fester in the church.  In many respects, it has brought out the worst in people — rumors, gossip, false accusations and allegations, assuming the worst about people, distrust of leadership, and more.

That is the nature of sin.

And that is why I cling to the cross of Jesus.

For there is nothing else on earth or in heaven that can bear the consequence of sin and bring us redemption and declare us not guilty.  The cross is all there is.

I trust in the cross.

I cling to the cross.

I persevere before the cross.

And I know that I have been forgiven and redeemed and washed clean by Jesus on the cross.

For whatever ripple effects sin has, the ripple effect of the cross is far greater!

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One response to “Ripples

  1. Ben

    October 1, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    <p>Thanks Eric,,, that is a good word… and I remember that being an excellent sermon, Thanks for the reminder.</p>



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