Through My Eyes

27 Sep

This is a preview of a powerful video documentary about Gay Christian teens… I picked it up earlier this summer and was very challenged and moved by it.  It is definitely worth getting (click here) to watch the whole thing, but here is a quick clip:

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One response to “Through My Eyes

  1. Allison

    September 27, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    <p>No problem, Ben…sorry if I got too ranty. I guess I have too personal a stake in the issue, having had so many loved ones affected by it. To clarify, I in no way meant to suggest that celibacy means "become asexual". They are definitely 2 different ideas and I recognize that.</p><p>It was not my intent to use your personal experience as evidence for Side B or Side A or whatever the sides are. Further, I don’t mean to paint you as "the victim" in all of this, either…I think your most recent post of that title summarizes the reality of things pretty well.</p><p>God bless,</p>



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