Mental Mise En Place

27 Sep


“Mise en place” is a culinary term that translates as “everything in its place.” It is the process by which a chef prepares everything he or she will need to cook a particular recipe or on the line for a shift. It includes everything from chopped onions and garlic to knives and equipment — the first thing you do when you start to cook is gather your mise en place. 

The idea is so central to cooking that chefs will often talk about “mental mise en place”–getting your mind all set before you start in the kitchen.

I am learning the importance these days of mental mise en place in my spirituality — the intentional discipline of making sure everything is in place.

For me, my mental mise en place includes daily time reading scripture and praying, a daily commitment to obedience and discipleship, a regular spiritual and emotional inventory, regular personal confession, and a the regular prayer that my work would be my worship.

I find when I take the time to do this… to really stop and intentionally make these decisions — my days go much better.

I am learning a lot in the kitchen these days — most not about cooking.  I’ll share some of those reflections as they come up.

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