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25 Sep

After four months, I have decided to re-publish this blog.  Even though it has been “down” for most of that time, I have been writing and blogging all along.

This blog is really a journey log for me.  That means that I write what I feel and think when I feel and think it.  That also means what I say on Monday may be something that I totally disagree with by Thursday.  It also means that I don’t necessarily stand by or defend everything I’ve written — in four months, I have done a lot of processing and praying and that means things change.  And they still are.

So… if you are just joining the conversation, I’d encourage you to go back and read some of the earlier posts.  

Also… I invite you to comment and be part of the dialogue.  Afterall, that is what a good blog is.

I expect that there will be a diversity of opinions from people reading this blog and that at some point you will most likely think that I am too left or too right or too something else.  It;s probably true… all part of the journey.

The only rules for commenting are that you need to be civil.  Anything less than civil will be deleted.  Since it is my blog, I will decide what is civil and what is not.  I also hope we can have honest discussions… which means please avoid lectures, agendas, and the like.

Anyway… thanks for taking the time to be part of my journey.  I pray that I may be a blessing to yours as well.

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