Let’s Get This Straight

29 Jul

I’ve been trying to allow this blog to reflect my journey day-by-day — that means that I have some good days and some bad days and it all gets reflected here.  I am also trying to not get too involved with rumors flying around, etc.  I can’t really control all of that and it is not worth the time and energy that it would take.


There is one rumor/misconception that I have heard a couple of times that needs to be addressed head on.

So let’s get this straight: I AM A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST.

Without a doubt and without apology.

Nothing that has happened changes that reality or committment.

I love Jesus as much — if not more — today than ever before.

I am not bailing on my faith, the church, or discipleship.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ and always will be.

Nothing can or will change that — I am His, He bought me at a great price, and He loves me despite my sin and brokenness.

I am not sure why people speculate otherwise, but let be said as clearly as I can: I AM A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST!

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  1. Deedee

    July 29, 2009 at 6:47 pm




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