Next Steps

08 Jul

The question I get a lot these days is “what’s next” for me?

The truth is, I have no idea.

I do know that I am trying hard to not make too many life-changing decisions right now.  I don’t think I am in a place to make particularly good long-term decisions.  So I am taking some advice from Steve Sample, and not making any decisions today that I can put off until tomorrow.  Because tomorrow I will have more information to work with, a better sense of what God is doing in me, and therefore a better sense for what God wants to do with and through me.

One of the things I have been learning is how to be a non-professional follower of Jesus Christ.

Now don’t misinterpret what I am saying… I loved following Jesus while in full-time ministry and, to be honest, I think there is no greater privilege in the world.  But now I have to learn to follow Jesus differently. I need to learn new habits and patterns and make new committments.  Not bad, just different.

So what are my next steps? (because you know, we all have a next step!)

I am waiting on God, surrendered to Him.  I am doing some research and thinking into what options I have and what God might be calling me to do.  That is about as far as I’ve gotten… prayers appreciated.

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