What this Blog is and What it is Isn’t

05 Jul

Yesterday I talked about Why I’m Blogging.  Today I just want to clarify what this blog will be and what it will not be.

First of all, this blog is not only going to be about my sin, fall from ministry, or personal struggles.  While I think those topics will dominate for a while, I may throw in other stuff and I think it will evolve.  Also, my hope is that this blog will last long enough that I don’t know exactly what it will become.  But since “all faith is autopsy” (as Kierkegaard said) and I in on this faith journey as a follower of Jesus forever, I suspect there will be plenty to reflect upon, write about, etc.

But, that said, here is what the blog will be and won’t be, specifically in relation to my current situation:


  1. Ruthlessly honest, raw & real.
  2. Very personal.
  3. Christ-honoring in both tone and content.
  4. Part story, part conversation.
  5. A journal of the process I am going on.
  6. At times messy, awkward, and painful.
  7. At times I hope funny, hopeful and encouraging.


  1. Voyerueristic — no juicy details here.
  2. Respectful of my privacy and the privacy of others.
  3. A place to second guess those leading the process I am going through.
  4. A place to gripe or whine.
  5. A place for divisiveness.
  6. A place to lobby or advocate anything on my behalf.
  7. Political in any way.


Now while I am it, let me say something about comments.  I believe that the best metaphor for blogging is “an open window” where you get to peak in on a community, conversation or life and see it for what it is… good, bad, and ugly.  I also believe that great blogging is always conversational.  So I want comments and interaction.  People can feel free to disagree with me or a position I take, challenge me, stretch me, etc.  But the tone must always be civil and Christ-like.  I know that given my situation we will be talking about some tough and personal and controversial issues.  All I ask for is respect and hope I will extend it as well.

And finally, let me say thanks to those of you who are reading this blog and therefore part of my community.  I am thankful for you and hopeful that in some small way this blog will be edifying (or at least interesting) to you.

In Christ Always,


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