The Principle of the Path

26 Jun


I have been doing a ton of reading these last few weeks.  When summer comes and things slow down, I love to catch up on the piles of books I don’t get to during the busyness of the year.  This summer I have lots of time to read, so I am digging in.

One of the best books I’ve been reading so far is Andy Stanley’s The Principle of the Path.  In short, here is his thesis: DIRECTION, not INTENTION determines our DESTINATION.

In other words, if you are heading north, you will end up north even if you intended to go south.  

In fact, intentions are pretty meaningless when it comes to our journey.  All that matters is really the direction we are heading.

As I have been reading his book, I am consistently finding myself saying “Ahhh… that is how I got here!”  I think many of us rely on good intentions to keep us on the right path, and then are surprised when we end up in a very different place than we intended.

In several areas of my life I can tell you I have ended in a place that I never wanted to be, intended to be, or dreamed I would be.

Yet here I am.

And it wasn’t mystery or magic that brought here.

It was the direction I was heading the whole time — like it or not, acknowledge it or not.

I think Stanley is right… once you understand and internalize this basic and inviolable principle, you will be able to live life with much more success.

Now, my INTENTIONS and DIRECTION are coming into ALIGNMENT.  That is a really good thing.  Too bad I got so far down the wrong path before I realized it.  But the good news is that life is a journey and this journey ain’t done yet.

(For what it is worth, I consider this a must-read book these days… go ahead and pick it up!)

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