On the DL

21 Jun


It feels like I am on the DL these days… not “down low”, but the “Disabled List”.

In Major League Baseball, players can are placed on either the 15-day or the 60-day disabled list, usually depending on the severity and/or recovery time of the injury. Sometimes the player may even be taken out of the season.

For teams, the advantage of using the DL is that it frees up a roster spot.  For the player, it gives them time to recover without the added stress of day-to-day games, travel, etc.

What do players do when they are on the DL?

While it probably varies, there are certain some common things: rest, rehabilitate, realign, restore.

REST >> Sometimes injuries just take time to heal.  You can’t microwave the healing process — it usually makes things worse.  So rest is pretty key.

REHAB >> This can include diagnosis as well as physical therapy, excercises, etc.  Figure out exactly what the injury/issue is and focus there.  This is true in the spiritual realm too… diagnosis, some therapy/counseling, and spiritual excercises are all key ingredients for rehab.

REALIGN >> In baseball, it is often the case that one injury can actually have greater impact than on teh athlete than just the injury.  For example, a pang in your lower back may cause you to be hesitant swinging at the plate (out of hear of agravating the injury).  This in turn can throw off your timing and swing — even after the back injury has healed.  So one thing players need to do is to realign and refine their game.  Focus on fundamentals.  Clear your head.  Take a lot of swings and infield practice and drills.  Again, this is true in spiritual areas as well.  An “injury” or issue in one area, often effects others.  Sometimes you don’t even realize it at the time.  The DL allows you time to work through those issues.

RESTORE >> The goal of the DL is get the player back into the line up as soon as possible, but also as soon as reasonable.  The hope is that the player will come back better and stronger than they left.  When a player is too old or past their prime or has just lost it, they are released.  That is very different deal than being on the DL.  The DL is all about restoration.  Again, the same is true spiritually.  I don’t think God releases people… he is in the restoration business.

Now no one likes being on the DL… getting on the DL is never a goal… and ideally players work hard to stay off the DL by staying healthy in the day-to-day rigor of a long season.  But, when an injury ocurrs, the DL is a good place to be because that is where you can heal and ultimately be restored.

Just some thoughts from the baseball world today…

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One response to “On the DL

  1. Katie Bienvenue

    June 21, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    <p>I hope you get your rest…just remember you have some fans that would really like you to be back in the line up…</p>



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