Getting Started

13 Jun


Welcome to the beginngings of my new blog.  I’m calling it “Faith Autopsy”, inspired by and totally ripped off from the good folks at SomaReview — but since they got it from a Soren Kierkegaard quote, I think it is OK. (The graphic tp the left is from their website!)

I am in the process of building the blog, so be patient.

The idea is pretty simple: “All faith is autopsy” (S. Kierkegaard).  In other words, real faith happens when we examine not just ourselves honestly, but also the world around us.  So this will be a place for personal examination but also some broader examination too.

I’m a JESUS PERSON through and through.  I don’t always live up to that standard, but it is my quest in my life.  I think to get better at it, some “faith autopsy” is helpful.  So that is what this will be about.

Why should you care?

Two possible answers: (1) maybe you shouldn’t.  Or (2) because our stories may not be that different — and we can learn from each other.

Perhaps part of autopsy is found in other people’s stories.

Anyway, I am in no rush to get this up and running… so you will have to be patient for the moment.

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